More than 2400 individuals have sought and received care through our team of physicians and nurse practitioners. These 2400 individuals represent more than 15,000 visits to the clinic for care. Additionally, patients who arrive at a local Emergency Room are referred to the clinic for follow up care and continued care in a regular primary care office. Prior to this partnership and the opening of our clinic, patients had nowhere to go for follow up care, additional medications for ongoing conditions.

With the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act, it quickly became apparent there were still individuals who were without insurance or who were now experiencing much greater deductibles and were unable to afford or access care. As the face of healthcare changes, HHC has been flexible and able to identify how to address new and unique needs of patients so no individual is without care.

We also see to partner with local businesses to offer them an additional resource for their employees to obtain medical care.   These partnerships continue to grow and move us closer to the goal of access to health care for all those who are in need.