Our Credentials

Hope Health Clinic is a recognized as a licensed Special Clinic by the State of Kentucky.

How Much it Costs and How We Are Funded


Grants, private donations from individuals, business and churches play an important role to assure future sustainability of HHC and allow us to continue to deliver quality healthcare.


Program expenses account for 96% of expenditures, primarily salaries for two part-time nurse practitioners and one part-time nurse. Combined, Administrative and Fund-Raising expenses totaled 4% of overall costs.

Program                                                       $969,447

Management & General                            $29,380

Fund-Raising                                                $5,227

Total                                                              $1,004,054


In 2014, $792,781 in expenses was provided as in-kind donations by volunteer physicians, donated medicines and other supplies. Hope Clinic had actual cash expenditures for operating expenses of $220,460 for the year 2014. However, we were able to deliver $1,004,054 in services and supplies to our patient base. For each dollar expended, HHC was able to deliver approximately $4.55 in services.

HHC continues to work toward diversifying revenue sources. In 2015, we were able to secure a two-year grant in the amount of $150,000 and as well, we have increased our base of individual donors and churches.