In 2011, HHC opened to serve those who were without insurance and access to health care. Today we continue delivering quality health care to those in our community who are uninsured or underinsured and are still without access to healthcare.

We currently have two part time nurse practitioners, one part time nurse, one part time program coordinator for smoking cessation program and one full time administrator who coordinate and oversee the care of over 2400 patients. In conjunction with this team, eleven other physicians and nurse practitioners volunteer their time to see patients at HHC on a monthly basis.   Additionally, more than 30 other volunteers serve in capacities such as nurses or medical assistants, patient schedule and receptionists, advocates for pharmaceutical assistance and other key roles allowing HHC to operate.

HHC is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to care for our patients — addressing the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of patients, thus allowing each patient to live the healthiest life possible.

Additionally, we have strong partnerships with Baptist Health LaGrange and 25 medical specialists who are part of the Baptist Medical Associates, local dentists, Oldham County Ministerial Association, local Health Departments to enhance and complete the care for patients as their varied needs surface. We thank these partners and the community for their participation and assistance in making Hope Health Clinic successful.

Hope Health Clinic is a proud member of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.