Visits to see a medical provider are $10 payable by debit/credit card or cash.

Yes, HHC has 11 physicians and nurse practitioners who provide a high quality of care for our patients.

We have a team of volunteers and staff who are trained to assist you in gathering the necessary documentation to apply for financial assistance in order for you to have access to these important diagnostic tests.

Yes, we have trained individuals to assist you in applying for pharmaceutical assistance for certain medications which are generally very high in cost. If your medication is not available through a national plan, we research lower cost alternatives and seek to find either samples or coupons which greatly reduce the cost of the medication.

We do not prescribe any medications which are considered as scheduled drugs (controlled substances).

Yes, we provide care for children ages 4 and above. However, we do not offer immunizations but will assist you in connecting with a local health department where these can be obtained.

Today we know many policies have high deductibles which must be met before benefits are provided for illnesses. We will be glad to see you in the clinic however; we do not bill insurance plans. Annual routine care such as a well check, mammogram, etc. are covered by these policies and we will assist you in finding a provider to obtain these services if you desire.