About Hope Health

A community-wide ministry delivering and coordinating quality medical care in a Christ-honoring environment to those who lack access to healthcare.


Jimmy has lived and worked in our community for years. Having dealt with multiple health issues, he was very relieved when in September, 2011 Hope opened its doors to care for people just like him—no insurance and not able to afford health care. Through his journey here he learned in 2013 he had cancer…discovered by his medical provider through routine laboratory procedures. After further testing and treatment, today Jimmy is well on his way to recovery and continues coming to the clinic for medications and checkups. Jimmy will tell you….”On a scale of 1 to 10, they’re a 12!”

Jimmy is one of over 2300 patients who have received care at Hope Health Clinic since 2011.

If you are without insurance, or have a policy with a high deductible which prevents you from accessing health care…Hope is here for you. Our medical provider visits are $10.

Serving a Community in Need

1. How We Began

In February, 2011 a group of committed citizens came together to address the need of unaffordable health care for its community. Opening in September, 2011 Hope Health Clinic has been the provider for quality primary health care to over 2300 individuals.

We join over 1,000 other free or charitable clinics throughout the US as a part of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics providing quality healthcare.

Hope Health Clinic is a licensed Special Health Clinic pursuant to KRS 216b.

2. Meet Izzie!

Izzie is our clinic dog and she loves to greet all who visit here at Hope! She is sure to warm your heart while you are here at Hope! She is 10 pounds of energy who loves everyone!

3. Partner With Us

Partnering with you as a patient….. we want to ensure you receive the best medical care possible. Each patient will meet with one of our medical providers and a plan of care will be developed for you personally.

We commit to provide you with the best possible care. In addition to routine medical care, we offer wellness programs such as Smoking Cessation and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes.

Take Care, Mr. Elson

Partnership Programs

Hope Health Clinic in partnership with the American Medical Association Foundation is offering the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program to our patients and the community.

Through a partnership with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the Cooper Clayton Smoking Cessation Program will be offered through Hope Health Clinic through April, 2017. For class information and times, contact us.

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